Plastic injection mold maker and molder in China

         Dear Sir or Madam, 

         Haida mold & molding factory limited is a private  company, which is registered in Hong Kong
         and running production in South China. It has experienced continuous growth since its
         establishment in 1995. Now, it has owned two medium-sized  factories. One is specialized in
         mold making while the other is focusing on plastic  injection molding and related secondary
         operations such as painting, printing, etc. The combined  strength of these two factories
         enables us to provide full-service from inception through  production or any step in between.?0?2 
         The heart of Haida Mold & Molding Factory Limited is  manufacturing capabilities, which are
         fulfilled with state-of-the-art facilities operated and  managed by a competent staff. Among
         machines in our factories, there are high-speed machining  centers, precision RAM EDM
         machines, precision wire EDM machines, two-shot molding  machines, CMM, to list a few. Our
         competent staff consists of innovative and experienced  designers and engineers, well-trained
         workers and technicians and highly-effective managers.  They are always able to work together
         to complete even the most challenging projects on time.  Since we can invariably meet our
         customers' demands with just-in-time delivery, high  quality in addition to competitive pricing
         we have earned a prestigious reputation as a one-stop  supplier.
         Being always providing excellent services, we are  confident we are able to establish a
         long-term  working relationship with you.?0?2
         Best Regards 
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